NSO are sometimes granted to contractors. Section 19 of the Income Tax Ordinance 2001 relates to speculation business. Speculation business pertains to sale or purchase of stocks and shares otherwise than by actual delivery or transfer of the same. Per this section, the contractor would have to declare these shares at the time he/she actually

Registration of INGOs in Pakistan

The Firm was recently contacted by the Resource and support Hub UK to advise on the regulations regarding registration of INGOs in Pakistan. The process of registration of INGOs in Pakistan is regulated and controlled by the Ministry of Interior Government of Pakistan. The Ministry has recently started an automated system for online registration of
The Firm recently advised the Social Media Visual Platform Daily Motion on the newly enacted Rules in Pakistan regarding social media. The Rules define the terms Social Media and Social Network Services. The Rules define in detail the categories of unlawful content. The Rules also describe in detail how a report can be lodged with

Yousaf Amanat & Associates advices KPMG Legal

The work involved advising a client of KMPG Germany on Employment Law in the context of Immigration Law for Germany. The Firm was tasked with drafting addendums for existing Employment Agreements for Pakistani employees to be posted for work in Germany. Taking into consideration the requirements for German Immigration the Firm also included mandatory provisions