Our in-depth experience with high profile cases in the corporate sector enables us to advocate a dispute  resolution mechanism rather than a direct recourse to litigation. The dispute resolution mechanism is aimed at mitigating the dispute to the benefit of our client. We ensure that we thoroughly examine the client’s case in order to ensure that we provide the client the best possible representation. We are well aware of the fact that things aren’t what they always appear in litigation. We make sure that we cover all aspects of the case. Our litigation experience includes handling of complex commercial, civil disputes and constitutional matters.
With our team of litigators we are able to provide legal representation to our clients in all tribunals and courts
including the Supreme Court of Pakistan. At the District level we are engaged in successfully filing for temporary injunctions, filing of applications for enforcement of arbitral awards and filing suits for recovery for various clients. We also have experience in representing clients in the banking courts of Pakistan. The Supreme Court of Pakistan has its own particular procedures on filing of cases, replies and representation.
These procedures emanate from the Supreme Court Rules. We are well conversant in the procedures adopted for filing representations before the Supreme Court.