It is the policy of Yousaf Amanat & Associates (hereinafter to as the “Firm") to conduct all of our business in an honest and ethical manner. The Firm takes a zero-tolerance approach to fraud, bribery and corruption and is committed to acting professionally, fairly and with integrity in all our business dealings and relationships wherever it operates and implementing and enforcing effective systems to counter fraud and bribery.



The purpose of this policy is to:

Set out the Firm’s responsibilities, and of those working for it, in observing and upholding the Firm’s position on fraud, bribery and corruption, which includes providing of gifts and bribes to clients, potential clients, government officials, government officials working in courts; and provide information and guidance to those working for the Firm on how to recognize and deal with such fraud, bribery and corruption issues.



This policy is applicable and to be followed by all the employees of the Firm whether lawyers or otherwise.



The definition of corruption and bribery are the same as provided with in the Anti -Corruption Act, the relevant provisions of the Pakistan Penal Code and the National Accountability Bureau Ordinance.

Accepting and providing money, favors, commissions. Gifts and any other inducement which is designed to illegally induce a favorable outcome of a litigation, arbitration or to have a contract awarded all constitute corruption, bribery and unethical practices.



All business meetings with clients or potential clients are to be conducted in  the office preferably within the presence of a Partner of the Firm. Food is allowed to be served during meetings and branded souvenirs and stationery of the Firm including calendars, pens or diaries may be provided to clients or potential clients.

Members of the Firm will not meet members of the judiciary or any employee of the court even within the office premises of the Firm.

Meetings with Government agencies and Government officials may be conducted in the office premises of the agencies but in the presence of a Partner of the Firm.



The Firm does not make donations to anybody or organization and nor is any member of the Firm supposed to make donations on behalf of the Firm.



Associates and Partners of the Firm who spend a part of their day in attending court hearings, arbitrations or meetings at government agencies are required to meet Mr. Yousaf Amanat (Managing Partner) of the Firm in the evening in the office and provide a complete debriefing on their encounters at such court hearings, arbitrations and government agency meetings.



The members of the Firm are required to unequivocally refuse a demand for a bribe of inducement and report the same promptly to the Partners of the Firm.



We expect members of the Firm to adhere to a strict policy on ethics in dealings with clients, court employees, government agencies and other members of the Firm. The practice of Ethics includes but is not limited to truthfulness, full disclosure, politeness, discouraging improper use of work equipment, respect for female colleagues and female clients, complying with a zero tolerance bullying and harassment policy, complying with a zero tolerance policy on intoxication or use of contrabands at the workplace.



A breach and contravention of this Policy will be considered as misconduct and will result in the procedure regarding misconduct as provided under the Industrial and Commercial Employment (Standing Orders) Ordinance 1968 which may also thus result in termination of employment.



This Policy shall form an integral part of your employment contract and should also be shared with clients prior to engagement by any client.

A copy of this Policy is also to be made available in Urdu to lower staff providing the Firm with support in courts and as delivery persons to and from government agencies.

A copy of the policy is to be placed at a convenient place in the office and to be uploaded to the website of the Firm.