The issue of leaves and holidays throughout Pakistan is governed by the Factories Act 1934. Gilgit Baltistan does not presently have its own Factories Act however in the absence of the same it has adopted the federal Factories Act 1934. Therefore leaves and holidays for employees working in GB are provided per the provisions of

Maternity Paternity Act 2023

Question: Is the 03 leave options for service with one particular employer or is it apply to the number of children prior to joining a particular employer. Terms used within the law. The term “Employee” has been defined within the law as any natural person who has for pay, wages or other benefits entered into or
The Maternity and Paternity Leave Act 2020 has been passed on 18th May 2023 by the National Assembly of Pakistan. The Bill had earlier been passed by the Senate of Pakistan. Under the law, a female employee may take these leaves for a total of 03 times during her employment with an establishment. In the
Pakistan has a thriving Gig Economy model but like most countries at the moment lacks any regulatory regime regarding Gig Working and Gig Workers. The lack of a regulation simultaneously plays to the advantage and disadvantage of a company. There is a risk that the Gig Workers may end up being categorized as employees of